Even if a garage door is never opened, eventually some components will require repair and maintenance.

Springs are under constant tension, rust, corrosion, electric surges will deteriorate electronics and metal, plastic, rubber, and other materials. But when doors are constantly opened and closed — accelerating wear and tear — more frequent repairs will be necessary.

When an overhead door is properly maintained it will prolong the life of all the components of that garage door. Proper lubrication, balancing of the door by adjusting the proper tension on torsion springs, tightening fasteners and hinges and replacing rollers are common minor repairs that homeowners often neglect.​

Just like the human body, when one part is injured or damaged, compensation causes other parts to be negatively affected. For example, when rollers are worn out they will create friction and won’t turn smoothly. This can impact the hinges, rails, springs, and potentially (and very likely) the premature replacement of an expensive garage door opener.

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