Garage Door Repair Southeast Austin TX

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If your garage door has ever broken down, it probably was pretty inconvenient. You may have been running late and desperately trying to get out the door, only to realize that your garage door is not working. That leaves your car trapped inside the garage while you wait on a garage door repair company. Fortunately, ServiceBasix Garage Doors is the dream team that you want to call when you’re stuck in a situation like this. 

We offer same day garage door service in Southeast Austin, TX, so we’ll come when you call. We understand that you need to be able to depend on your garage door. That’s why our team of highly trained professionals is always ready to serve you with garage door repair in Southeast Austin, TX. We know how to provide the most accurate garage repairs and product replacements that will leave your garage door as good as new.

Garage Door Spring Repair

When it comes to garage door springs, there’s not much your garage door could do without them. They take part in a counterbalance system with the garage door. It’s important that weight is balanced for movement, especially as the garage door is very heavy. There are two types of springs: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are the common choice for residential homes. They are stored horizontally above the garage door. These springs use torque, a kind of linear force, to twist the springs while the garage door is moving. 

Extension springs usually come in a set of two and run along the sides of the garage door. These springs stretch when the garage door is moving to counterbalance the weight. With both types of springs, garage repair is very dangerous. These parts hold a lot of tension, which can snap at any moment. It’s very important that you don’t attempt garage door spring repair if you are not trained. Contact us for excellent garage door repair in Southeast Austin, TX.


Garage Door Opener Repair

Another key component in your system is the garage door opener. Garage door openers coordinate the movement of all the parts. When your garage door system is down, your garage door will most likely not open, or will open and then reverse. If this happens to you, we suggest resetting your system and replacing the batteries. If this doesn’t work, you can try to manually open the garage door. If you can do this, it signals that your garage door parts are working fine. It’s then most likely your garage door opener causing the problem. 

Another issue to be aware of is with the safety sensors. These are connected to the garage door opener, so may stop working if your opener is damaged. Garage door sensors are a safety mechanism that prevents the garage door from closing on anything underneath it. You can test the system by closing the garage door while waving something underneath it. If the garage door continues to close, your safety sensors are not working. It’s important that you get this fixed as soon as possible. We are the best team for garage door opener repair in Southeast Austin, TX.

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For garage door repair near you in Southeast Austin, TX, make sure to give ServiceBasix Garage Doors a call. We value customer service and accurate garage repairs. There’s no surprise pricing with us; we are upfront about everything and do our best to offer awesome deals. Schedule your free estimate today!