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If you own a house, you can be certain that there will come a time when you need garage door repair service. For most people, it’s an uncommon event, but for some, it could be a service you have to schedule frequently. Regardless of the frequency that your garage door is used, safety and security should be your top priorities when repairing your garage door. 

This is why ServiceBasix Garage Doors offers residential garage door repair and new garage door installation near Bluff Springs TX. We are certified, highly trained, and always have the best tools and parts to complete any garage repairs your home needs. If you need dame day garage door repair near Bluff Springs TX, you can depend on us to get the job done right!

Our Garage Door Bluff Springs TX Services 

We Install, Repair, & Service All Major Brands!

Garage Door Brands

Garage door spring replacement can usually be completed within one appointment. This does depend on your garage door system and how many springs need to be replaced. At ServiceBasix Garage Doors, our technicians are trained to handle garage door spring replacements safely and efficiently.

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, we suggest that you reset it by pulling the emergency cord. This will reset the system, and you can also try replacing opener remote batteries and ensure that you aren’t experiencing any electrical problems. If this isn’t successful, contact us for garage door opener repair!

You should aim for an R-value that’s higher than 10. This will ensure that the garage door is operating at high energy efficiency and is insulated for temperature and noise control.

Two Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Opener Repair 

We specialize in garage door opener repair service near Bluff Springs TX. We have experience repairing a variety of garage door opener makes and models, including heavy duty garage door openers and garage door openers with Wifi. When your garage door opener is not doing its job, you can trust us to get it working again in no time. Your garage door opener is filled with many moving parts and wires, so your garage door opener repair must be done by a professional who is trained in the fundamentals of automatic garage door openers. We can help with programming Liftmaster garage door openers and garage door openers maintenance! How to reset garage door opener after power outage? Call ServiceBasix Garage Doors to complete your garage door opener repair near Bluff Springs TX any day of the week! 

The common signs that you need a garage door opener repair are:

  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door remote, keypad, or mobile app is not working. 
  • When you attempt to open your garage, it suddenly reverses. 
  • Your garage door opens and closes on its own. 
  • Your garage door opener is making rattling, grinding, or squeaking noises. 
  • Your garage door opener is reaching 15-20 years of use. 
  • Your garage door is moving slower than usual. 
  • Your garage door is not closing completely.
garage door maintenance

Garage Door Spring Replacement 

Your garage door repair springs have the important job of balancing the weight of your garage door while it is opening and closing. Garage door springs will typically last 7-9 years, but then they will need to be replaced with a newer, stronger garage door spring. When the time comes, you can call on ServiceBasix Garage Doors to handle your garage door spring replacement. We are always fully stocked with torsion springs and extension springs, so we can usually replace your garage door broken spring with same day service. 

Old or damaged garage door springs will not be able to hold the weight of your garage door, which could lead to your door rapidly closing unexpectedly. This is why it is so important to replace your overhead garage door springs when they begin to show signs of aging. When you need garage door broken spring repair, you can depend on us to get the job done!

Broken Garage Door Spring


Need New Garage Doors Near Bluff Springs TX?

A garage door is often the largest piece of moving equipment in your home, and you rely on it to function properly for quick entry and exit. A properly installed, inspected, and maintained garage door can provide years of safe and dependable service. As a homeowner, you’ll want peace of mind knowing that your garage door installer follows safe industry-standard practices and installs the highest quality garage doors available. Incorrectly installed or maintained garage doors can be dangerous, resulting in serious injuries. Allow ServiceBasix Garage Doors’ garage door installation specialists near Bluff Springs, TX, to install your residential garage door to guarantee smooth and trouble-free performance.

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Whether you have a malfunctioning garage door opener or a garage door broken spring, you can call on us for anything! We are always prepared to handle garage door repair services near Bluff Springs TX. Contact ServiceBasix Garage Doors for a free estimate on your affordable garage door repair or new garage door installation near Bluff Springs TX.

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