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Broken Garage Door Spring

When it comes to garage door service in Central Austin TX, you need a garage door company you can trust. Garage doors are an important part of the home, especially in terms of safety. You need to be able to close your garage door at night, and then open it in the morning when you need to exit. Because garage doors are constantly in use every day, it’s common for them to develop problems over time. 

You need a garage door repair company you can call, who you know will come when you need them. Here at ServiceBasix Garage Doors, that’s who we are. We take care of garage door repair near Central Austin TX with timely service and our professional team of service technicians. We respect you and your home; our goal is to provide as positive an experience as possible.

We also take care of garage door installation with our reliable team who’s knowledgeable on the different garage door types. We’re committed to constantly growing our business with the recent innovations of the industry so that you can have the best products possible. We are also passionate about providing exceptional service to the wonderful community of Central Austin.

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Just about everyone needs Central Austin garage door repair at some point. When you do experience issues with your garage door, it makes it a lot less stressful if you have a trustworthy team you can call. Here at ServiceBasix, we offer all garage door repair services in Central Austin. We understand that garage door issues can trap your car inside the garage or lock you out of your home. That’s why we make it a point to come when you call. We advise you to not wait before calling, because if you keep using your garage door, you’ll most likely make the problem much worse.

We group garage door repair into three categories: garage door springs, garage door openers, and the door and related hardware. We can help with any of these areas of garage door repair; if you are located in Central Austin, just give us a call and we’ll be there. We can also give you some tips on garage door maintenance, which can make all the difference. If you keep up with your garage door, it’s less likely you’ll encounter issues. We strongly recommend getting garage door tune ups at least once a year. During a garage door maintenance appointment, your garage door parts will be cleaned and lubricated, and your system will be looked over for any potential problems.

Garage Door Installation Near Central Austin

With garage door installation, there’s no room for error. The correct door type and size must be ordered, and the installation process must go smoothly. You need a reliable door that will last a long time. That’s what you’ll get when you schedule Central Austin garage door installation with ServiceBasix. At our core, we strive to offer exceptional customer service; we want you happy through the entire process. Next, we concentrate on providing repairs with accuracy and precision. Our team is well-trained in installing the various types of garage doors. They’re also knowledgeable on the advantages and disadvantages of the different garage door materials and styles. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are extremely important to the operation of your garage door system. In fact, they are just about the most important factor. That’s why we make sure our team knows the ins and outs of all types and brands of garage door openers. We’ve tested most of the openers on the market, so we know the best ones out there. We’ll help you find the best garage door opener for your home. 

We also take care of garage door opener repair. If your garage door won’t open or close properly, it is most likely your garage door opener that’s causing the issue. You can try to reset the system to make sure it’s not an electrical problem. But if your garage door is still not working after this, it’s time to call the garage door experts at ServiceBasix.  If your opener can’t be repaired, we’ll recommend a new product for you to try. Our goal is to provide the best garage door opener service in Central Austin and serve your home with excellence.

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Next time you need any type of garage door service in Central Austin TX, give us a call. We serve our community with a friendly team of technicians who are always ready to help. We provide the leading Central Austin garage door repair, installation, or maintenance so choose your favorite local garage door company with ServiceBasix Garage Doors!