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Offering Garage Door Repair Near Oak Hill TX

ServiceBasix Garage Doors is a full service garage door company offering garage door repair, installation, and maintenance in Oak Hill, TX. If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you have a garage door to keep up with. No matter what type of garage door you have, it’s likely there will be a time when you need garage door repair service Oak Hill. It’s common for garage door springs to snap, doors to come off their track, and openers to malfunction. 

When you begin experiencing garage door issues, it’s important to schedule garage door repair Oak Hill quickly. A malfunctioning garage door can create an unsafe environment in your garage. Since garage doors are heavy features, they can cause serious injuries and damage. To keep your garage door in the best shape possible, we suggest taking part in garage door maintenance and scheduling garage door repair when needed. ServiceBasix Garage Doors focuses on quality garage door services with upfront pricing. We’re passionate about being the best garage door provider in Oak Hill, TX. 

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We Install, Repair, & Service All Major Brands!

Garage Door Brands

Garage Door Maintenance

The best way to keep your garage door in great shape is with annual garage door maintenance. Garage doors are in constant use, which means they need to be maintained. The easiest way to take part in garage door maintenance is by scheduling an annual garage door tune up. Our service technicians at ServiceBasix Garage Doors will come provide a thorough inspection of your garage and take care of cleaning and lubricating hardware. A door balance test is also performed to ensure your garage door is properly balanced.


Our Happy Clients

Dee W.

The Tech that came to my home was Jordan and he repaired one of the home's garage door. He had a great personality, professional, knowledgeable, and the fix was quick. I had a great experience with him and would recommend him to anyone.

Paul L.

This company came to the house I’m renting and replaced my garage door The communication and job they performed was amazing. In today’s age and these “unprecedented “times it’s very nice to know that they’re still organizations out there that are very respectful

John C.

ServiceBasix does such a great job. They replace both spring and balance door and did a perfect job, so quick and easy, such great service and so courteous. Highly recommended.

Our Most Common Garage Door Services

Garage Door Spring Replacement 

Garage door springs are an integral part of garage door systems. Torsion springs are most common for residential garage doors. These garage door springs employ a type of rotational force, called torque, to bear the weight of the garage door as it moves. Because these springs are under so much pressure, they experience wear and tear over time. This limits their lifespan, meaning garage door springs only last 7-12 years. 

How long your garage door springs will last depends on how often your garage door is in use and if you maintain your springs. ServiceBasix Garage Doors is proud to offer garage door spring replacement Oak Hill TX. If you have a broken garage door spring, contact us for spring replacement immediately. This is a dangerous garage door service that is best left to the professionals. A garage door with a broken spring shouldn’t be used, as it may slam shut or start moving at an angle. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are another vital piece to the garage door because they are responsible for powering the garage door’s movement. Depending on the brand you have, the opener may last anywhere from 10-20 years. If you have a garage door that’s not moving, it’s important to check your garage door opener’s power source. Replace batteries if needed and reset the system. Also check the safety sensors, as they’re connected to the garage door opener. Sometimes they become misaligned, which stops the garage door from moving. If you’re unsuccessful with these methods, contact us quickly for garage door opener repair Oak Hill TX. 

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Overhead garage door cables work closely with garage door springs to balance the garage door’s weight. When springs are broken, they will impact cables, and vice versa. We see the most issues with garage door cables falling off their drums. If this happens, schedule garage door cable replacement Oak Hill TX. While this may seem like an easy garage repair, it’s still quite dangerous because of the underlying tension. We recommend leaving garage door cable replacement to the professionals at ServiceBasix Garage Doors.

Benefits of Adding a New Garage Door to Your Home

We are a top-performing garage door company in Oak Hill, TX. For garage door installation, our expert in-house garage door specialists are well-versed and certified, so you know you’re getting the best professional care when choosing a new garage door. Deciding on a new garage door is a huge decision, which is why we at ServiceBasix will help you through every step of the process to ensure you receive the garage door that’s ideal for you and your home! With over twenty years of professional experience, we are confident in our ability to help you find and install the perfect garage door for your home. Learn more on our Garage Doors page or contact us for a free consultation!

Offering Garage Door Repair Oak Hill TX!

When you need garage door repair Oak Hill, ServiceBasix Garage Doors is ready to serve you! We’re passionate about offering high quality garage door service that exceeds your expectations. Contact us to schedule garage door repair Oak Hill TX!

Garage door openers are sold at most hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. However, you can order a new garage door opener directly from us. When you come to us for a new garage door opener, you can trust that you are getting all the necessary facts before you pay. 

Garage door maintenance is an important part of maintaining a healthy garage door opener. Garage door maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning your tracks and sensors of dirt and debris. 
  • Lubricating your garage door spring and drums with garage door lube. 
  • Tightening bolts and screws. 
  • Have a professional perform a garage door inspection. 
  • Setting limit switches. 
  • Performing door balance test. 

There are many reasons why a garage door may be making loud noises. In most cases, it is because your garage door needs lubricating. If your garage door is freshly lubricated, then it could be a broken or damaged part. To be on the safe side, we advise you to have a professional garage door expert examine your garage door for damage. You can call us to schedule a garage door repair or maintenance appointment.