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25-Gauge C.H.I. 2250/4250* with a limited lifetime warranty

8′ X 7′ Single Car Short/Long Panel Steel Garage Door $1419.00 – Installed

16′ X 7′ 2-Car “Short/Long Panel Steel Garage Door $1787.00 – Installed

* Prices for white or almond, non-insulated, standard. Plus sales tax. Additional color options are:

CHI Color Chart

Additional options: Insulation, window inserts, and 188 color choices

Garage door installation near me
LiftMaster 8165

Liftmaster-8165W $485

½ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

  • Built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with the myQ® app.
  • Industrial-strength chain drive.
  • Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.

Liftmaster-8504-267 $695

Secure View™ Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Camera, LED Corner to Corner Lighting and Battery Backup

  • Built-in camera allows video and 2-way audio communication.
  • Control and monitor the garage through the myQ app.
  • Includes a 360 degree ring light.
  • Battery backup for emergency situations.
  • Ultra-quiet DC motor allows for durable use.
  • Works with Amazon Key.
liftmaster 87504
liftmaster 84501

Liftmaster-84501 $595

Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Dual LED Lighting

  • Control and monitor the garage through the myQ app.
  • LED lighting system brightens all areas of the garage.
  • Ultra-quiet DC motor ensures efficient operation.
  • Compatible with Amazon Key for secure deliveries. 

Garage Door Component Pricing

All prices include parts and labor. Sales tax charged at the rates for your location.

Torsion Springs 8’ Single Car 16’ Two Car
3-Year Warranty Single Spring — $350 Dual Spring — $425
5-Year Warranty Single Spring — $400 Dual Spring — $475
Lifetime Warranty Single Spring — $450 Dual Spring — $550

Common Garage Door Repairs

Labor to secure door, reinsert rollers, reset cables on drums, inspect hardware and track for damage, align track, test for proper operation. Parts are extra in the event they are not repairable.


Inspect, adjust, and lubricate 24 areas of your door system

Roller Replacement

Roller 10 Rollers
3-Year Warranty $89
Lifetime Warranty $97
New Garage Door Springs