Garage Door Company Near Me

For garage door repair West Gate TX, choose your local, professional garage door repair company, ServiceBasix Garage Doors! With years of experience in the garage door industry, we’re well-trained in providing garage door services. With a focus on garage door repair, installation, and maintenance, we’re a leading provider for service in West Gate, TX. 

Garage doors are crucial to the safety of your home, and important in providing storage spaces for cars and other items. Just about every garage door will need repair at some point, given their continued use day-to-day. Common issues with garage doors include springs snapping, cables falling off drums, doors falling off the track, and malfunctioning openers. We stress the importance of scheduling garage door repair West Gate TX immediately when you become aware of issues. Using a damaged garage door is dangerous and can result in damage to garage door hardware or even injuries to people in the household. When you need garage door repair West Gate TX, call ServiceBasix Garage Doors for excellent garage door service! 

Our Residential Garage Door Services

We’re passionate about offering quality residential garage door services. It’s important to have a safe and dependable overhead door you can rely on. Most people depend on their garage door for protection at night and to keep their cars safe. If your garage door won’t open in the morning, we understand how frustrating it can be. That’s why we offer same day garage door service in West Gate, TX. We’ll provide a thorough inspection of your overhead door to determine why you’re experiencing issues. Once we’ve found the root of the problem, we’ll begin with your garage door repair West Gate TX. Here are our residential garage door services: 

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

  • Garage door won’t open.
  • Garage door moves and reverses.
  • Garage door only moves a couple of inches. 
  • Garage door makes abnormal, grinding noises.
  • Garage door moves extremely slowly.
  • Garage door springs are elongated.
  • Garage door moves at an angle.
  • Garage door has loose or fallen parts.
  • Garage door opener keypads and remotes aren’t working.


Schedule Garage Door Maintenance With Us!

We always recommend carrying out routine garage door maintenance. Because garage doors are in constant use, their hardware is subject to extreme wear and tear. To combat this, we suggest scheduling garage door maintenance. If you schedule professional service, a garage door technician will provide a thorough inspection of your garage to look for any potential issues. They’ll also take care of garage door hardware by lubricating, cleaning, and tightening parts. Lastly, a door balance test will be performed to ensure the door is properly balanced. Through these steps, your garage door’s performance will be improved. 

At home, you can help with garage door maintenance by keeping your garage door clean. Remove dust and debris from the garage door opener and sensors to keep them working properly. Also, listen for any abnormal noises and look out for fallen or loose garage door parts.

Need Same Day Garage Door Repair West Gate TX?

ServiceBasix offers same day garage door repair West Gate TX! When your garage door is damaged, we’ll arrive at the scene to provide excellent overhead door repair service. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have questions, need maintenance, or require garage door repair West Gate TX!