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Within the home improvement area, garage doors are a great target for an affordable renovation that will dramatically spike your curb appeal. When you spot pictures of homes with beautiful, clean-looking garage doors, it alters the entire image of the house. You can have a garage door that perfectly complements your home, increases your curb appeal, and keeps your house safe and secure. When it comes to garage door installation and repair in Zilker TX, ServiceBasix Garage Doors is your local, friendly team of professionals.

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Garage Door Repair Company in Zilker TX

It’s 6 AM, you’re running late, you spilled coffee everywhere, and you’re now frantically running out the door to leave for work. Only one more problem: your garage door won’t open. Now your car is trapped in the garage, so it’s impossible to leave. And you may be just about as frustrated as it gets. We understand that a garage door refusing to work is never ideal, and just about always inconvenient. But it happens. Garage doors are mechanisms in use almost every single day, so it’s bound to happen that they’ll need repair at some point. 

That’s what ServiceBasix is ready for. We’ve seen every garage door issue in the book, and we’re trained and ready to tackle your garage door repair Zilker TX. We also realize that sometimes you need garage door repair service right away. If your car is trapped or you can’t enter your home, you need service technicians as soon as possible. ServiceBasix is committed to coming when you call. We’ll be on the scene quickly so we can assess the situation and discover what garage repairs are needed. 

Most commonly, garage doors experience wear and tear to their parts, such as springs, cables, and rollers. If they get to a point where they break, it will most likely cause your garage door to stop functioning. Another common area we work with is garage door opener repair. If your garage door opener is old or damaged, it will greatly impact your garage door’s ability to function properly. We keep only the best products in stock, so we’ll prepare your overhead sectional doors for top functionality. Come to us first when you need affordable garage door repair in Zilker TX!

Garage Door Installation Nearby

When it comes to Zilker garage door installation, you need an experienced team who’s knowledgeable on the different garage door types. You also need to be confident that your garage door will be installed correctly. Here at ServiceBasix, we’re passionate about doing things right the first time. Our team is experienced with installing many different types of garage doors and can advise you on which one will work best for your home. We can install carriage doors, canyon ridge garage doors, colonial garage doors, mid-century modern, contemporary, you name it.

Installing a new garage door for your home is a game-changer. It completely changes the look of your house. If you’re looking to sell, potential buyers will be amazed by your new garage door; it’s a major selling point. This is a home improvement investment you won’t regret. Contact us if you’re ready to learn more about garage door and opener installation cost and how a new door can upgrade your curb appeal!

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What Our Clients Say

Cole D.

Ryan was very professional and knew exactly what the problem was immediately. He fixed my garage door in just a few minutes. Definitely recommend.

Wayne B.

They called to schedule appt, arrived promptly and quickly replaced both springs.

Michael L.

Technician came out to repair our garage door opener. He was prompt, professional, gave us fair warning of when he would be arriving and was highly efficient at getting the problem corrected!

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement 

Garage door openers are the glue that holds your system together. They control virtually all movement, so they must function in order for your garage door to work. If your garage door opener stops working, it may be causing your garage door to move slowly, make strange noises, or stop moving altogether. We would advise you to stop using your garage door and call the experts here at ServiceBasix. 

We’ll perform your garage door opener repair if we can, but if it’s too old or damaged, we’ll recommend that you let us replace it. We know the best rated garage door openers on the market and can advise you on which one to choose. You want an opener with a reliable track record that will last the test of time. Our garage door opener installation in Zilker TX will leave you all set with a functioning garage door; we’ll also train you on how to use it correctly and conduct regular maintenance. 

Contact Us To Schedule Zilker Garage Door Repair

Make sure to contact ServiceBasix for any garage door service in Zilker TX. We’re committed to providing you with the best service while also giving you a garage door that will be beautiful, safe, and reliable. Choose our expert local garage door company when you need 24 hr garage door repair, installation, maintenance, or garage door dent repair.


Garage door repair costs vary depending on the extent of damage. Hardware replacements may be more expensive, as parts will need to be ordered. It’s common for garage door repair costs to fall between $150 and $600. Our garage door technicians work diligently to offer affordable garage door repair near you! We also offer transparent pricing so you know what to expect from ServiceBasix. 

Most residential garage doors are made up of panels, which can become damaged due to weather, wear or tear, or car accidents. When this happens, we offer garage door panel replacement to restore your panels! This is a beneficial garage door service, as your panels can be individually repaired, instead of the entire garage door being replaced.

If the garage door spring has a large gap between the coils or is hyper-extended, it’s likely that it has broken. If you notice this, call ServiceBasix for immediate garage door broken spring repair.