Providing Garage Door Installation Near You

ServiceBasix Garage Doors offers premium garage door installation services to Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio TX. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right door for your home! Our skilled garage door technicians are highly trained to perform safe garage door installations quickly and efficiently. When you are ready for a garage door installation, you can depend on ServiceBasix Garage Doors to be there for you! 

We have many years of experience handling garage door installations near you. We are highly knowledgeable of every type and size of garage door, so we are confident we can take care of your garage door installation needs. From glass garage doors to real wood garage doors to insulated garage doors, we can do it all to meet your needs for a new door. Put your garage door installation in the right hands with ServiceBasix Garage Doors Today! Schedule your garage door installation by calling 512-953-3338.

Our Garage Door Installation Guarantees

Quality Products

We offer a wide variety of garage door products and manufacturers to ensure you get the perfect new garage door or opener to upgrade your home. We also create completely transparent pricing for our repair and installation services so you know we will always serve you with integrity. 

Excellent Customer Service 

Being a great garage door company is about more than just offering the best products and services. We also guarantee the best customer service experience for you with consistent communication and attention to detail when you work with us repair, maintenance, or installation.

Focus on Your Schedule 

Working with home service companies can be a pain because they don’t prioritize your busy schedule. That’s why we offer reasonable turnaround times on our repair and installation services while keeping your schedule in mind. Let us work around your timetable!

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Choosing Your New Garage Door

When designing your garage door, the process goes further than just picking a color. When choosing your new garage door, you have to decide on your door’s material, style, and insulation. Here at Service Basix, we offer a wide range of choices, so you can have a garage door that fits the design of your home. You will start by choosing the style of your garage door. Choosing the style of your garage door includes the following:

  • Materials – glass, wood, faux wood, aluminum, and steel
  • Styles – traditional, modern, carriage (brands – CHI, Amarr, Clopay)
  • Features- windows, hardware, etc. 

After choosing your garage door style, you will need to decide on the door construction. Your garage door construction consists of the insulation, quality, and durability of your garage door. Your garage door construction is specifically designed to fit your home’s needs. These options include one, two, or three-layer insulated garage doors. We always recommend three-layer, or sandwich, garage doors to give you the best long-term durability and energy efficiency. But no matter what new garage door you choose, our team is capable of getting the job done!

Amarr Garage Doors
Clopay Garage Doors
CHI Overhead Doors

Garage Door Installation Near Me 

When you are ready for a new garage door, you can count on ServiceBasix Garage Doors to be there for you! Whether you want to upgrade your old garage door or you have a new home that needs a garage door, you can trust us to handle it all! When you need a garage door installation in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio TX, contact ServiceBasix Garage Doors for the best services and products.

Your garage door can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. The life expectancy of a garage door is dependent on the type of garage and usage. To prolong the life of your garage door, we suggest having routine maintenance performed.

An insulated garage door will increase your home’s value, add extra protection to your car and other belongings, lower the noise when your door operates, give you year-round temperature control, and make your door more durable. We say that’s well worth the added cost of upgrading to an insulated garage door!

Garage door windows will not only increase your curb appeal but will also let in natural light when your door is closed. Garage door windows are also customizable, making your garage door one of a kind! 

In terms of standard garage door sizes, single car garage doors are typically 8 feet by 7 feet, while double car garage doors are 16 feet by 7 feet. We also commonly see garage doors that measure 8×7, 8×8, 9×7, 9×8, 10×7, 10×8, 16×7, 16×8, 18×7, and 18×8. However, no matter the size of your garage door opening, we can find a new garage door that will be a perfect fit.