Would you drive a car with these wheels. Picture of metal and hard rubber wheels for garage door rollers
Garage Door Rollers


If you’re under 50 it’s hard to believe that between the early 1900’s and the 1950’s kids skated on metal wheels. These roller skates were so noisy, that the screeching could be heard a city block away. A small rock or uneven sidewalk resulted in “eating the big one.” A glacier could beat you in a 5-yard race. Thank goodness the friction between the wheels and pavement prevented you from picking up too much speed

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Garage Door Opener

2020 Garage Door Opener Review

The latest generations of openers do much more than just open and close garage doors. It reminds me of how coffee was served before Starbucks. On a recent Southwest Airlines flight the stewardess asked me “cream and sugar?” when I requested coffee. Black, with cream and/or sugar? That’s it! Those are your choices. Life was simple. But then Starbucks came along and crushed our simple idea of a cup of coffee. Like a faded Polaroid

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