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Smart homeowners know that garage door upgrades deliver some of the best returns on investment compared to other home improvements. Garage doors have evolved to meet the functional needs and esthetic tastes of homeowners. Manufacturers can make everything from the typical plain white/Almond steel raised panel door found throughout the country to exotic materials that cost tens of thousands.


Garage doors have become architectural features and design elements to enhance the look of a home. The choices are almost endless since manufacturers can combine steel, aluminum, glass, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, composites, and other materials to construct your unique door. With different choices in design, textures, and colors, a homeowner can create an infinite array of possibilities.  


Overhead doors sustain minor structural or cosmetic damage from kids playing with balls or by impacting the bumper of your car. We may be able to either repair or simply replace the damaged panels. If a repair or partial replacement isn’t practical, we can usually locate a door that maintains the same look of your door. Or, this may be an opportune time to go for a completely new look.


We refuse to sell low-quality doors made from thin gauge steel to “bait” prospects with the lowest price. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do our very best to deliver the best value for your dollar on quality products. We’ll help you select the perfect door for your home from a wide selection of door manufacturers. 

Garage Door Repair

We group garage door repairs into three general categories. The groupings are (1) garage door springs, (2) garage door openers, and (3) the door and related hardware.

When it comes to garage doors, everything affects everything else. Continuing to operate a door after a garage door part malfunctions will lead to collateral damage. We’ve witnessed a $10 part failure turn into a $1000+ door replacement, all because the occupants continued to use the door.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Residential garage doors typically use either extension springs or torsion springs. Most new doors use Torsion springs. Some small light doors can use extension springs mounted above the left and right horizontal track.

With continuous use, all garage door springs will eventually break. A lot of factors impact how long springs will last. Temperature, usage, door weight, proper spring size, number of springs, quality of the spring, spring rating … the list goes on and on.

All too frequently, whether it was done intentionally or due to ignorance, we find the wrong springs installed by some garage door companies. The wrong springs can result in catastrophic damage to the door, the door opener, and other door components.

Our trained technicians know how to compute the correct spring specifications (you have to use a bit of math), and they only install the proper springs for your door.

If you plan to stay in your home for a long time, consider upgrading your torsion springs with our LIFETIME guaranteed springs. This guarantee covers all future parts and labor charges in the event the torsion spring breaks for as long as you own your home. We exclusively use oil-tempered springs, which we consider the best quality.

Our standard 10,000 cycle springs have a life expectancy of 7-10 years for most homeowners with typical use. Our garage door spring prices are published here.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Opener malfunctions can be a simple as an electrical breaker tripping — which costs nothing to correct. But if it's circuit board replacement, the cost can skyrocket to almost as much a brand new opener.

We can frequently repair garage door openers . However, just as with older cars, sometimes it makes economic sense to replace an old opener, particularly when the repair costs are high.

Your technician will always explain the options available to you. If replacement makes sense, you will receive several choices of features and benefits that meet your needs. (See our garage door opener prices).

Garage Door and Component Repair

The most common door is the sectional garage door. These doors have dozens of hardware components that can break or wear out with use. The three most important of these are the springs, the panels, and the cables.

The construction of a door begins with a panel frame. Frames are susceptible to cracking and often delaminate from the skin. Metal door skins are prone to denting when impacted by heavy objects like balls or car bumpers. Surfaces will split from stress caused by misalignment. Our technicians may be able to salvage a panel by repairing or reinforcing minor cracks and other damage.

Garage Door Repair Near Me


If your garage door refuses to open, there could be a couple of reasons behind it. Most commonly, there’s something wrong with your garage door opener. If your opener isn’t working, your garage door won’t be able to function. You also may have broken garage door springs or cables. 

Garage repair costs vary depending on the repair that you need. Usually, garage door repairs will fall somewhere between $100 and $700. The price also depends on if you need to replace any parts or your garage door opener. 

Hearing strange noises from your garage door is not a good sign. If you hear grinding noises, it typically means your parts are in trouble. It can be a sign of their age or that they need a tune-up. Garage door tune-ups can greatly increase the lifespan of your garage door parts. With a tune-up, your parts will be cleaned and lubricated, which will help them function much better.

We strongly discourage homeowners from replacing their springs if they are not certified technicians. It can be quite a dangerous task because of the tension that springs hold. We don’t want you to injure yourself or a family member. Give the experts a call and we’ll take care of it for you.

Most insurance companies do not include garage door repair in their coverage. However, this does depend on your company and their policies. The exception tends to be weather damage. If your garage door is broken due to a tornado or hurricane, repairs may be covered by insurance.


If garage door panel repair isn’t practical, replacing one or several panels can sometimes save our customers an entire new door. The hinges and wheels or garage door rollers need to be tightened and lubricated annually. Failure to do preventative maintenance will shorten the life of your door.

The tracks that attach the entire unit to the building structure must be rigid and aligned to avoid the door from going “off-track.” A crashed door results from one or more of the rollers detaching from the track. When the rollers fall out, the cables that connect the door to the springs may also fall off the garage door cable drum. In severe cases, doors have crashed on vehicles, and they can cause injury to untrained people trying to fix it by themselves.

In most instances, our technicians can place your door back on track unless the door sustained permanent damage. Our garage door and component repair prices are published here.

Common Garage Door Repairs