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Why We Love Providing San Antonio Garage Door Service

Our founders have been serving garage door customers in San Antonio since 2012. Several property managers have been customers from that very beginning.

Loyalty from them and our other customers has helped us grow our business outside of the San Antonio/Austin area. What sets us apart from other competitors is that we first try to repair rather than replace garage doors and related components.

San Antonio Garage Door Company

ServiceBasix Garage Doors

specializes in installing new and repairing existing residential garage doors and openers.

What makes us different

Other San Antonio overhead door companies are primarily new garage door and new garage door opener dealers. We also sell top-of-the-line brands. But because our repair work pays our bills, we don’t need to charge an arm a leg for new products.

We have no binding ties to specific manufacturers.  This ensures that we represent your needs without any conflict of interest.  For example, if you have small children, preventing finger pinching could be a concern.  In that case, we might recommend the Amarr door that features SafeGuard pinch-protection.  If you value super quiet operation, we may suggest a Marantec garage door opener.

Whether it’s price, features, warranty, or a combination thereof, we will help you select the optimum equipment.

If you have not worked with us before, please take a quick scan of our Google reviews. Hundreds of those 5-star reviews have a similar theme.  

  1. Our customer service staff and our technicians are nice and professional
  2. They will educate you before, during and after you make a decision
  3. Our customers recommend us to their family, friends, and neighbors.

It all starts by hiring the right people. It’s a process that takes time. We recruit even if we don’t have an immediate need. We don’t want to compromise by having to make a quick decision that our customers and we will regret.

Garage Doors San Antonio TX

San Antonio has a unique blend of neighborhoods with garage doors that reflect the tastes of its homeowners.

In the new neighborhoods in the hills north of downtown, there is high demand for aluminum doors with glass. This more modern look contrasts with the older areas where the traditional raised panel doors are ubiquitous. Sprinkled throughout gentrified neighborhoods, we find a desire for Stamped Carriage House and even Stamped Shaker doors in the darker color range.

The most popular doors are the raised short panel garage doors and the raised long panel overhead doors. These are stock items in white or beige. Made with 25 gauge steel exteriors, they come in single-car lengths of 8×7, 8×8, 8×9, and 8×10 feet sizes as well at 16 foot long doors with the same height choices.

Most single-family rental properties have raised panel doors because they are inexpensive to repair or replace. When tenants damage panels, they are easily swapped out with new ones.

Replacing damaged sections usually requires repainting of the garage door.  

Why? One manufacturer’s white won’t match another manufacturer’s exact shade of white. And even if you get the original manufacturer’s panel, it likely won’t match the existing panels because those panels have been out in the elements and exposed to UV rays.

Therefore, the least expensive solution is to paint all the panels so that they all match.

We are concerned about homeowners attempting to replace garage door sections as a DIY project.  Overhead doors are deceptively heavy objects that can cause serious injury or even death.  We highly recommend that a trained professional technician conduct panel replacement.

The cables that connect to the drums transfer the full force of the torsion springs to the door.  The cables connect to the door at the bottom panel.  All tension has to be removed from the cables before panel removal commences.  

Our Garage Door Services San Antonio TX

If you own a garage door, repairs are a necessary part of maintenance. Over time, it’s common for springs to snap, cables to loosen, and openers to malfunction. Given that garage doors are used multiple times a day, they undergo wear and tear, which can quickly lead to issues. When you need same-day garage door repair near San Antonio, TX, contact ServiceBasix! Our technicians are well-trained to handle all types of garage door repairs, no matter how big or small. With each project, we offer upfront pricing, where you’ll find no hidden fees. Most importantly, we value exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations with every overhead door service. 

New garage doors are known to provide multiple benefits to a home. If you’re looking to increase your curb appeal, investing in a stylish, new overhead door is sure to help. Garage doors can be widely customized with beautiful colors, styles, and designs to best complement your home. A new door is also sure to upgrade the convenience of your system. It’s important to invest in a high-quality, dependable garage door that will operate safely and smoothly every day. If your garage door is approaching 15-20 years old, it may be time to have a new door installed. At ServiceBasix, our technicians are well-trained to expertly handle each overhead door installation project.

Garage door openers are extremely important to the operation of your overhead door. Our team excels in both garage door opener repair and installation! When your garage door opener malfunctions, it will likely cause the garage door to stop operating or move extremely slowly. We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we offer efficient garage door opener repair near San Antonio TX. We’ll thoroughly examine your opener to find the best repair plan. If your opener needs to be replaced, schedule installation with us! We’ve worked with the top garage door openers and can help you find the best garage door opener for your home.

Garage door springs are responsible for safe garage door operation. Responsible for bearing the heavy weight of the door, they use physical force to allow the door to move safely. Over time, springs undergo intense wear and tear, which eventually leads them to snap. The average torsion spring will last about 10 years, depending on how often the garage door is used. Once a spring has snapped, it’s crucial that you schedule immediate spring replacement San Antonio TX. It can be very dangerous to operate a garage door with a broken spring, which is why we recommend that you don’t delay spring repairs. Our technicians will safely replace your springs so that garage door operation can resume as normal.

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Garage Door FAQ

There may be a few reasons why your garage door opener remotes have stopped working. First, we recommend that you check the batteries. If this isn’t the issue, it may be that the remotes have disconnected from the opener. This is a relatively easy fix, and we can help you! If not, you may have a broken garage door opener; in this case, contact us for garage door opener repair!

We partner with Clopay, CHI, and Amarr to provide the best garage door installation services near San Antonio TX. 

If your garage door is reversing, check the safety sensors. Ensure that they’re not misaligned or covered by anything. If this isn’t the issue, there may be a problem with the garage door opener. Schedule garage door opener repair with us!

Most torsion springs have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles, which generally translates to 7-14 years. If you take part in garage door maintenance, it’s possible to extend this number. When you need a spring replacement, we’re the best team for the job!

We recommend that you schedule garage door opener maintenance twice a year. During this time, we’ll thoroughly examine your opener for abnormalities. We’ll also lubricate hardware to ensure the opener is working at its best and is prepared for future operation. 

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  • Kirby, San Antonio, TX 78219
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  • Hill Country Village, San Antonio, TX 78232
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