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Barton Creek garage door repair is an important home service that you’ll likely require at some point. Garage doors are one of the home’s most important features. Crucial for curb appeal and protection, they’re used multiple times a day as an entrance into the home. Even if you invest in a high quality garage door brand, chances are that you’ll need garage door repair at some point. 

Garage doors may experience issues due to old age, neglected maintenance, or wear and tear. All garage door hardware is subject to wear and tear, especially because garage doors are in use just about every day. It’s common for garage door springs to snap, openers to malfunction, and doors to come off their tracks. When you notice there’s something wrong with your garage door, contact ServiceBasix Garage Doors immediately for garage door repair Barton Creek TX. 

Our Garage Door Repair Services Near You

Our garage door technicians have spent years dealing with residential garage door repair and installation. Through this time, we’ve learned the best methods and products for approaching garage door repair. We keep only the best rollers, springs, and cables in stock and are prepared to handle your garage door repair Barton Creek TX. If you notice that your garage door is moving slowly, making strange noises, or moving and reversing, it’s time to schedule your garage door repair. 

We recommend that you schedule service sooner rather than later, given that a broken garage door creates an unsafe environment. You shouldn’t be using a garage door that’s malfunctioning. It can both cause severe injuries and damage to other garage door hardware. Here are the residential garage door services we offer: 

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

  • Garage door won’t open.
  • Garage door moves and reverses.
  • Garage door only moves a couple of inches. 
  • Garage door makes abnormal, grinding noises.
  • Garage door opener keypads and remotes aren’t working.
  • Garage door moves extremely slowly.
  • Garage door moves at an angle.
  • Garage door has loose parts.
  • Garage door springs have a gap in the coils. 


Why You Need to Schedule Garage Door Maintenance

One of the most important garage door services is maintenance. Because garage doors are used so often, they need to be maintained, just like other features, such as cars. We recommend penciling in garage door maintenance service at least once a year. If you schedule a garage door tune up with ServiceBasix Garage Doors, we’ll perform a full maintenance check on your garage. This includes an inspection and cleaning, tightening, and lubrication of garage door hardware. We’ll also take a look at your door’s balance with a door balance test. 

To help with maintenance at home, we suggest keeping your garage door clean. It’s easy for dust and debris to accumulate on garage door hardware and the floors and ceilings. It’s especially important to keep the garage door opener and safety sensors clean, as dust can harm their functionality. Also look out for fallen or loose garage door parts and listen for any abnormal noises. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, schedule garage door maintenance Barton Creek TX.

Call Now For Garage Door Repair Barton Creek TX

If you’re in need of garage door repair Barton Creek TX, ServiceBasix Garage Doors is your team! We come when you call and treat your home with respect. With years of experience, we’re confident that we’re the best team for garage door repair Barton Creek TX. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!