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How to Winter-Proof Your Garage Door

The winter months bring dropping temperatures and frequent winds and rain, which can greatly impact important parts of the home. It’s common to winter-proof roofs, lawns, and garages, which are prone to damage in the colder months. This season sees less moisture in the air, which creates a dry environment that can harm hardware. When it comes to garage doors, winter-proofing can have a big impact on improving functionality. It can be easy to forget about this important home maintenance routine, but that neglect may cost you in repairs

The winter months are especially hard on garage door parts. It’s common for excess grease to accumulate on garage door hardware, which means the garage door will have trouble opening and closing. It’s also possible for metal parts such as screws and springs to contract in the cold air. All of this can cause your garage door to struggle when moving, which may strain the garage door hardware. 

But all is not lost! We’ll give you 4 easy ways to winter-proof your garage, which may just make all the difference in protecting your garage door during the winter months. Let’s walk through these tips together. 

4 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Garage

1. Clean the garage

Garages can quickly become dirty, given that you’re going through it multiple times a day. Dirt, leaves, and bugs fly inside, which accumulate on the walls and floors. It’s important to clean your garage out, wiping dust and dirt from the garage door opener and safety sensors. Do a thorough job of cleaning out the inside of your garage to begin the winter-proofing process. 

2. Install New Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a sealant found alongside your garage’s door and windows. This is one of the most important parts of insulation, as it keeps out colder weather, rain, and debris. But weatherstripping can become more brittle over time, which leads to cracks that cause leaks and drafts inside the garage. If this happens, you’ll want to remove the old weatherstripping, clean off any remaining sealant, and install new weatherstripping. When replacing weatherstripping, it needs to be correctly measured and aligned to form an effective seal. If you need help, ServiceBasix Garage Doors is happy to install your new weatherstripping.

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3. Insulate the Garage Door

If you have a garage door that’s not insulated, we highly recommend you insulate it. Insulated garage doors are much better at maintaining temperature. Without insulation, you’ll lose a lot of heat, which is money flying out the window. Insulation can be a tricky process, which is why we encourage you to let our service professionals insulate your garage door. If you have an older door, it may be wise to invest in a newer model that comes with insulation

4. Install a Heater

If your garage door has adequate weatherstripping and insulation, it’ll prevent cold air from reaching the inside, but won’t necessarily warm up the garage. For this, a heater is most effective. If you’re planning on spending time inside the garage or want to keep cars or other storage items warm, a heater is a great option.

Why Winter-Proof Your Garage? 

  • Warmer Garage: Winter-proofing your garage will keep it from staying at freezing temperatures. This will make your mornings better and can help keep your car warmer.
  • Better Protection for Pipes: If you have pipes in the garage, winter-proofing is a great way to prevent them from bursting. 
  • Warmth in the Home: A warmer garage will help the temperature inside your home as well. If you don’t insulate your garage, it’s possible that cold air will float inside the home, costing you more in heating bills.
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