Best Garage Doors For Neighborhoods 

Most homes are equipped with garage doors for protection, storage space, and curb appeal. If you drive through neighborhoods near Austin, TX, you’ll find a variety of garage door styles on display. Most garage doors can be completely customized with various colors and designs to complement the home and increase curb appeal. 

If you’re considering investing in a new garage door, you’ll have to decide on your garage door material, construction, and features. Our team at ServiceBasix Garage Doors is here to help! With years of experience with new garage door installation in Austin and San Antonio TX, we recognize the advantages of new overhead doors and can help you find the best garage door to fit into your neighborhood. We also partner with the best manufacturers who provide overhead doors known for their longevity and durability.

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Benefits of New Garage Doors

New garage doors provide multiple benefits, which make them well worth the investment. Research shows that within home improvement, new garage doors have the number one ROI. Homeowners looking to purchase should always consider the condition of the garage door. A new overhead door will look clean and stylish, enhancing curb appeal. 

Curb Appeal

What most people don’t realize is just how important garage doors are in determining curb appeal. They make up a large percentage of the home’s exterior, which gives them power over curb appeal. You may want to contrast garage door colors with your home so that the garage door pops against the exterior. While most people choose neutral, traditional garage doors, the options are endless! You may want to consider a modern, full view door that really accentuates your curb appeal. 

Increased Convenience 

New garage doors are also known to increase the convenience of your door system. You’ll have new hardware and features, which you can rely on for everyday access. Most people use their garage door multiple times a day, depending on it to work properly. When garage doors become stuck or move slowly, it can greatly disrupt your everyday routine. A new door should work more efficiently and be extremely reliable for everyday operations. With a new door, you may also want to consider investing in a new garage door opener. The garage door opener will determine how quiet and efficient the door moves. Newer smart openers will even connect to devices for smartphone access and control. 

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Popular Garage Door Styles

Traditional: Traditional garage doors are among the best options for neighborhoods. Most homeowners choose a sectional door, which is composed of horizontal rows of panels. Common color choices include sandstone, white, and almond, which easily blend in and complement the exterior color of the home. These doors can be widely customized with windows, decorative hardware, and colors. If you’re looking for a traditional door, Clopay’s classic steel collection provides wonderful options that are well-loved for their quality. Traditional garage doors are also easier to repair and typically are constructed of steel for their durability and affordability.

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Modern: Modern garage doors have risen in popularity over the past few years, due to their aptitude for bold, clean design. If you want a garage door that will greatly accentuate your home and draw attention, a modern overhead door is a wonderful choice. Popular materials include glass and aluminum, which blend together to create beautiful full view doors. You may want to consider Amarr’s Vista collection or Clopay’s Avante line. Both manufacturers provide dependable doors known for their variety of design options. Common color choices for modern doors include black, gray, and brown.

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Carriage House: Carriage house garage doors are another excellent choice for neighborhoods. They’re charming and classic, and can also be widely customized to construct your dream door. Among our favorites are CHI’s Shoreline collection and Overlay carriage house line. These doors come in multiple wood tones and colors, which gives you ample creative freedom. We also love Amarr’s Classica collection, which features steel carriage house doors.

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We Provide Garage Door Installation Near Austin TX

Are you ready for a new garage door installation? ServiceBasix is your local, family-owned team ready to best serve your home with a beautiful new door! We’ve ironed out our installation process to help you choose the right garage door, get HOA approval, and ensure your new door will fit in with your neighborhood. From there, we handle installation with efficiency and attention to detail, which ensures your garage door is ready for operation. Contact us today to get started with your new garage door installation near Austin TX!