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5 Reasons To Invest In A New Garage Door

New garage doors are a large purchase that can be hard to justify, especially when there are so many home repairs on your list. But whether you realize it or not, the garage door is needed in almost everyone’s day-to-day life. They’re important in protecting the home, storing cars and other valuables, and for safety. You may also find that a new garage door will bring more benefits than you initially realized. Real estate is a lucrative market, with millions of homes competing for attention. Installing a brand new garage door may be the key to differentiating your home from others. In addition to upgraded curb appeal, a new garage door will also offer better functionality that’ll help you in your daily routine. 

Let’s run through five good reasons to invest in a new garage door. 

5 Reasons to Purchase A New Garage Door

1. Lower Maintenance

Various garage door materials require different levels of maintenance, lifespans, and R-values. Choosing an energy-efficient garage door material will give you a higher R-value, which means you’ll spend less on utility bills. Garage door materials like glass and steel are also great, energy-efficient options. 

When purchasing a new garage door, you’ll want to consider how much maintenance you’re willing to carry out. Some garage door materials, such as wood, require more care over the years and work better in certain locations. More common materials, such as steel, require little maintenance and are affordable choices.

2. Increase Your Curb Appeal

You may not realize just how much your garage door factors into curb appeal, but they make up a large portion of your home’s exterior. Most residential garage doors are steel, with a neutral paint color, such as white or sandstone. While these garage doors are classic and traditional, a more modern garage door may spike your curb appeal. Modern doors use materials like glass, faux wood, or steel along with bolder colors, such as black and gray. When constructing a new garage door, you’ll be able to customize many features to your liking. You can even choose decorative hardware, windows, and finishes to create your perfect door. 

3. Fewer Repairs

With a new garage door, it’s likely that you’ll experience fewer garage door issues. It should operate well, given that the hardware will be new. But for this to be true, the installation needs to be handled correctly. That’s why you should always hire a garage door company you can trust. One with technicians trained to handle installation correctly the first time with efficiency and attention to detail.

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4. Invest in Your Home Value

Did you know that according to the 2021 Cost vs Value Report, garage doors are the number one home repair with the highest ROI? This proves that you’ll get a return on your investment when you sell your home. A new garage door is sure to help sell your home and you’ll make up the money you spent. We call that a win-win!

5. Convenience 

If you invest in a new garage door opener as well, you can find companies like LiftMaster and Genie which offer smart garage door openers. These garage door openers connect to your smartphone. From your phone, you can monitor and control the garage door’s movement. Many of these openers even come with security features, which will provide live video recording and motion-detection lighting. You’ll also find other convenient features such as Amazon Key, making grocery drop-up easier and safer.

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