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The Full-View Picture Of Glass Garage Doors

Have you ever driven by a lovely home and noticed that the garage was entirely made of glass? Glass garage doors, otherwise known as full view or clear garage doors, are a type of garage door that is typically created out of aluminum frames with glass panels.  They are becoming increasingly popular for newer homes. Glass doors not only enhance curb appeal but can also offer multiple style variations and customizability for any type of home. With all this variety, it’s easy to understand why full view glass garage doors are becoming more popular each year.

By nature, glass doors invite more light into your home. This allows you to transform your garage into much more than just an entryway or storage space. With the added natural light, some homeowners have been able to turn their garages into mini-greenhouses, an extra living room, or even a home office. Full view garage doors change what a garage can be!

glass garage door installation
glass garage doors

Durability and Maintenance for Glass Garage Doors

Since this type of overhead door is made mostly of glass, you may be wondering just how durable it could be. While not as strong as steel doors, glass garage doors are made of sturdy stuff. The framework is made of heavy-duty aluminum, while the panels are thick glass sections. This provides consistent durability to prevent easy damage to your glass doors. 

In terms of maintenance, glass garage doors require less upkeep than wood or other types of overhead doors. Many types of garage door panels require regular painting or staining. When it comes to glass panels, this isn’t the case. The panels need to be cleaned with a soft cloth every once in a while, but that’s essentially it for outside maintenance. However, the internal components of your glass garage door –  springs, rollers, hinges, door opener, etc. – still need to be maintained just like a standard overhead door. ServiceBasix Garage Doors recommends having one of our expert repairmen inspect your entire door system as well as its components once a year.


Types of Glass and Energy-Efficiency

There is a wide range of design possibilities available to your home when you have a glass garage door you installed in your home. ServiceBasix Garage Doors offers DS glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, impact-rated glass, tinted glass, and many more.  The combination of all of these possibilities can have a significant impact on both the appearance and the function of your garage. ServiceBasix Garage Doors recommends having your glass adapted to your location. When living in a more densely populated area, you should consider installing tinted windows for an increased level of privacy and tempered glass for an increased level of door security.

Glass garage doors are able to pay for themselves over time. Your garage transforms into an entirely new room when you add in additional lighting and insulation. There is a wide selection of insulating R-values available for full-view garage doors to choose from. You will be able to reduce your monthly bills and save money on energy costs if you insulate the glass on your garage door.

ServiceBasix Installs and Repairs Glass Garage Doors

If you’re interested in having an all glass garage door for your home, let ServiceBasix Garage Doors handle it. With over 20 years of professional experience installing all types of garage doors, you’ll rest easy knowing your overhead door was installed correctly. We are proud to specialize in glass garage door installation, repair, and maintenance for our residential clients. For more information on glass garage door installation in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, give us a call at (512) 953-3338.

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Yes! While glass garage doors may appear fragile, they’re actually quite sturdy. They’re made of tempered glass, so they’re not likely to break anytime soon.

They can! Because there are glass panes reinforced with steel, we can insulate the glass so that your garage door keeps your house more energy-efficient.

No! They use springs, rollers, and other typical garage door equipment. Nothing special is needed.

Glass garage doors typically require less maintenance than traditional or modern doors because they don’t require any added coatings of paint. Besides annual maintenance on the garage door components, the glass will need to be cleaned of any smudges, handprints, and dirt.

This can be a little more difficult to do as glass is harder to work with. However, if your garage door is sectional, it can be done!