Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas – Home of Lackland AFB

The Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas is a decommissioned Cold War Air Force base that is still used by the military. Many of the old buildings are being renovated into luxury hotels and office spaces while the older buildings are being preserved so they can be visited by history lovers later on. You can visit the various museums and historical landmarks in this great city as it was once a major military hub in South Texas. There are many events hosted at Lackland AFB throughout the year including air shows, gun shows, political demonstrations, fundraisers, and much more. Visit this link for more information.

It’s a delight to see all these old hangars being used again as a museum. The Lackland AFB, San Antonio is scheduled to be turned into a hotel for visitors but some big changes have already been made in the short term and the long term. You can enjoy spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico and the San Antonio bay just by stepping from the aircraft. You can stay in comfortable rooms that have a veranda or balcony right next to the airfield. Read about Harlandale, San Antonio, Texas – Why Should You Buy A Home In This Promising Community here. 

For those people who are not interested in staying in a hotel and would rather tour the area, you can take a bus tour around Lackland AFB. The tour will give you an overview of the different historical places that can be visited by you and your family. In addition to visiting the airbase, you can also go to the old military Jail which has been converted into a museum. This is the home of the First Air Force Casualty Collection and you can get to see the memorabilia and even hear audio accounts about those who were incarcerated here.