History of the Hays Street Bridge in San Antonio, TX

In the early 20th century, Hays Street Bridge in San Antonio, Texas became a main artery linking the downtown area of the city to the new City Creek Bridge, located just across the Bandera River from the old downtown area. On October 7, 1910, a Viaduct was necessary to carry Hays street over two active city streets and two railroad tracks, and to conserve the railroad’s resources, the railroad chose to build a bridge over the San Antonio River in southwestern Texas. The bridge’s primary function was to provide an access route between the downtown area and the City Creek Bridge, but it also offered many other important functions as well. The bridge was also an important element of the construction of the City Creek Bridge, as it was designed to provide a safe crossing of the river while providing an excellent view of the downtown area. More about San Antonio, TX can be seen here.

Hays Street Bridge in San Antonio, Texas is one of the major bridges that support the pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the main west-east thoroughfare of Hays Street in Downtown San Antonio. It provides an important connection between the new downtown area and the City Creek Bridge. The bridge’s main span, which is approximately seventy feet long, spans from the eastbound side of Hays street to the westbound side of the San Antonio River. The span was built from a concrete retaining wall, which was constructed adjacent to the current eastbound traffic lanes of the highway. In addition, a new bridge was constructed to serve as an access ramp for the San Antonio RiverWalk, a pedestrian path which is a part of the City Creek Bridge. Click here to read about The Experience Of Life On A River Cruise In San Antonio, TX.

When the City Creek Bridge was being constructed, Hays Street Bridge in San Antonio served as an access point to the bridge. Today, it still serves as an access point to pedestrians and vehicles. However, it no longer serves this purpose. The bridge was removed from the City Creek Bridge after the opening of the new bridge. It was replaced with a pedestrian walkway that runs parallel to the main eastbound lanes of the highway. The new pedestrian walkway continues on to the City Creek Bridge, which remains an access point to San Antonio’s downtown area.