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Residential Garage Door Technician

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Residential Garage Door Technician?

We’re growing! But we will only expand AFTER we find technicians who make a great fit for our team. People come first!

Leave us a phone message at (833) 682-6330 why you believe you are a fit to join our team.

Garage Door Professionals Austin TX

If you’re looking for a job … let me be blunt and to the point – we’re probably not a match and I respectfully recommend that you continue your ad search.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long career, keep reading. If you prefer to watch an 8-minute video, paste this Youtube link into your browser: https://youtu.be/St0g51eL8TA

Why do our Service Advisors choose this profession? It’s not (just) because of our good looks and charm 😉 …

We overheard a trainee ask his trainer – Mark, why he quit his executive position with a national restaurant chain about 12 years ago, to do garage door work. Mark’s answer said it all.

“It’s the quality of life. Good pay, low stress,
and I get constant feedback all day long
from my satisfied customers” – Mark H.

We’re looking first and foremost for people who want to grow – to learn – to better their lives. People who have the same aspirations and desire to build something worthwhile – together as a team.

How do we know that our techs have “wowed” their customers? Look at the hundred 5-star reviews our techs have received just over the past few months.

ServiceBasix Garage Doors San Antonio Review
ServiceBasix Garage Doors Austin TX reviews

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If you have prior industry experience – awesome – we’ll help you improve your productivity so your earnings will increase. But if you don’t have any garage door experience – no problem – we’ll invest in your initial and ongoing training and education because if we’re a fit for each other, it will pay off for us in the long-run.

The right candidate will have the following characteristics:

  • Great people skills. We only want to work with people we like. That means you are naturally pleasant and positive with co-workers, customers and the community. The most important skill you should have is being a great communicator. Can you educate your customers about their buying choices so they can make an informed decision?

That’s why the title on your business card does NOT SAY “Technician” but instead your title is “Service Advisor.”

We can teach you the technical stuff, but our most successful people come to us with the people skills learned over their lifetime. We seek folks who have what psychologist call high”emotional intelligence.”

  • Problem solver. With some mechanical aptitude and proper training, you should be able to find solutions to most technical issues. When you get stumped by something you’ve never encountered (which happens to all of us), you’ll be fine because there’s a network of co-workers and technical support personnel to help you find the answers.


  • You are paid as an employee (W-2) covered by worker’s compensation.
  • Paid Training – Depending on your experience – and even if you’ve got 20 years in the trade, you will receive up to 2 weeks of training. You will be a Certified Garage Door Technician upon graduation providing you the credentials and a strong foundation to hone your expertise.
  • We’re a learning organization and invest heavily in everyone’s ongoing training and education about your trade, and business in general. This will help prepare you for the next step in your career.
  • Naturally, as we continue our rocket-like growth, opportunities for advancement will present themselves.
  • Excellent pay – A base weekly salary to start – then, when you are proficient, you can elect to convert to commission pay. There’s no cap on your earning potential. We want you to make as much as possible.

SHORT LIST of Requirements:

  • Clean background – We run a national background check on all technicians. State, FBI, and fingerprints are required.
  • Drug testing
  • Good driving record
  • Dependable and presentable vehicle (Truck or Van is best)
  • Hand tools

There’s a lot more to share, but our next step is to determine if we’re a fit. If you believe that you’re the right person to join our team, you’re in control of the first step in the interview process.

Please call (833) 682-6330 and leave a short message telling us why we should continue the discussion. Just be yourself and let us hear how well you communicate.

Thanks for your time and your interest.


Technology has created a lot of upheaval in almost every industry. With the advent of electronic “smart devices”, we’re seeing mind-boggling innovative changes to almost every device and appliance in our daily lives.

But there are a few constants that will persevere – the need for people to fix things. For example, garage door technicians will be needed to install, repair and replace the gazillions of new and existing garage doors and related components all over the globe – for a long-long time into the future.

ServiceBasix is a national garage door service company with operations in 6 major cities and we have plans to aggressively expand throughout the country.

That’s why we’re ALWAYS looking for folks with the right attitude and aptitude to join our team of certified garage door SERVICE ADVISORs. And as we grow, our people have the opportunity to grow with us.

Want to learn more? Copy and paste the following URL into your browser https://ServiceBasix.com