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Are you available to work on ...?
We operate from 8AM to 8PM CST M-F. Saturday 12-3 PM, Sunday 12-3 PM. We have rotating 8 hour shifts and weekends shifts. Check all that apply
What days and times of the day are you NOT available and why?
Tools of the trade that I have include:
We can provide some of the following if you don't have your own
I have a clean background
Our clients run extensive local, State and National background screenings
I will pass a drug test
We are a drug free workplace and conduct random tests on all staff
Your position? How long? Why did you leave?
Next 12 months
Over the next 12 months, Is there anything that you are aware of that may impact your ability to perform your duties?

If you were part of our hiring committee, what else would you want to know about (you) the candidate?