Balcones Heights, Texas – A Smaller Metropolitan Area Than Its Biggest City Counterpart

Balcones Heights, Texas is a charming community in Bexar County. The estimated population at the last count was 3,282. Balcones Heights has grown into a very prosperous place to live. This area is home to a variety of establishments from banks and mortgage companies to shopping malls and restaurants. This area became a booming community for real estate in San Antonio. Learn more here.

Balcones Heights, Texas has the smallest proportion of non-residents, second only to Mc Braun, Texas. Of the two areas, Balcones Heights was chosen by a local developer as the site of the new Balcones Shopping Center. Balcones Heights has seen rapid growth in the last few years and now has the second-largest proportion of residents, just edging out Mc Braun. Balcones Heights, Texas is now growing in population with many new and old homes on the market. Learn more about Woodlawn Lake, San Antonio, Texas – A Scenic Lake In Downtown San Antonio.

The figure of Balcones Heights, Texas does not necessarily depict the current condition of the neighborhood, but rather the previous years. In the last few years, there has been a great influx of new and old buildings, both single and multifamily, and more people per capita are coming into Balcones Heights, Texas than any other city in the greater region. The image depicted in the figure of Balcones Heights, Texas may no longer be accurate, because the area is rapidly growing and now has the second-highest number of inhabitants, just edging out Mc Braun.