"a Jack of ONE trade"

Our choice was to be like most other garage door companies - offer a wide array of services to all types of customers ... or to become a specialist - focusing on specific needs of a narrower niche of clients.

It's like a light bulb vs a laser beam.  A light bulb, lacks focus and lights up an area like a room.  But the focus of a laser can cut through steel.  We choose to be a laser.


Even if a garage door is never opened, eventually some components will require repair. 

But when doors are constantly opened and closed — accelerating wear and tear — more frequent repairs will be necessary.

When an overhead door is properly maintained it will prolong the life of all the components of that garage door.  Proper lubrication, balancing of the door by adjusting the proper tension on torsion springs, tightening fasteners and hinges and replacing rollers are common minor repairs that homeowners often neglect.

Just like the human body, when one part is injured or damaged, compensation causes other parts to be negatively affected.  For example, when rollers are worn out they will create friction and won’t turn smoothly. This can impact the hinges, rails, springs, and potentially (and very likely) the premature replacement of an expensive garage door opener.


Our technicians are prepared to install most common parts such as openers, springs, cables, rollers, hinges, etc. 

They carry new chain drive and quiet belt drive openers in their vehicles to meet our customer’s daily demand.

As more homeowners are installing home automation and smart devices throughout their home. There is a growing trend towards installing wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled technology in the garage.

The MyQ system developed by Liftmaster is a popular choice for many of our customers.   All the major manufacturers offer similar products that allow remote access, cameras, control over lights, locks, security systems and other conveniences that consumers want.

Whether it’s a complete new door or a replacement of a damaged panel, we can install all components of garage doors.


You would never think about not changing the oil and filter in your car, yet virtually all the doors we work on have never had any maintenance performed.

If you have a chain-drive automatic garage door opener, the chain should be lubricated every 6 months with typical use.  Safety sensors should be cleaned, aligned and tested for safety. Similarly, springs get weaker over time and they may need to be adjusted to ensure that they are neutralizing the weight of the door – preventing premature damage to the opener.

A qualified garage door technician should tighten bolts, inspect for frayed cables, adjust the force settings and other routine preventative maintenance.

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