A Brief Introduction to Leon Valley, Texas

Leon Valley, Texas is a small city within the San Antonio-BAY County area. It is an enclave on the southwest side of San Antonio, Texas, and is part of the new San Antonio-Bexar County Metropolitan statistical area. The city is only ten thousand strong at the most. Leon Valley is considering a gateway to the Hill Country and as such is very popular with tourists, honeymooners, and families. There are many tourist attractions as well, such as the Sea World, Six Flags Magic Mountain and the Alamo Drafthouse Movie House. Further facts about San Antonio, TX can be found here.

The city of Leon Valley, Texas has a lower state average per capita income than almost half of all cities and counties across Texas. Also, it has a higher than average cost of living but is well above the national average cost of living. The city’s real estate values are expected to rise, however, the growth rate is slow in today’s economy and some cities around Texas have seen decreases in real estate over the last several years, due to the loss of jobs and other economic factors. Information about Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas – Home Of Lackland AFB can be found here. 

The city’s geography is very diverse, with its main political and ethnic roots in Mexico. The Leon Valley has a large Latino population, which is over thirty-two percent of the total population in Leon Valley, Texas. Leon Valley’s political clout is comparable to that of San Antonio but is much smaller. The city’s three major counties are Leon, Medina, and Hidalgo. The city is close to the Texas-Texas Oklahoma border and has access to the Gulf of Mexico and the New Mexico shore.